Armored crawler cabin

Cabin adjustments to suffice the new task for detecting conventional explosives. All adjustments are executed according to the BRL-OCE guideline, (Appendix 5).

The purpose of this project was to modify a manufactured cabin and thereby create a safe working environment for the crane engineer while detecting explosives.

For this task, the crawled excavator has been transported with special transport to Metagro. The pre-fabricated parts are mounted at Metagro.


  • Approved according to guideline BRL-OCE (Appendix 5).
  • External thick-walled steel plating (acting as plate armor).
  • External double glued wood plating (acting as a protective layer).
  • Current glazing replaced for polycarbonate glass.
  • Armored polycarbonate front windows (more than 30mm thick).
  • The replaced glazing is accessible for cleaning.
  • The windshield is equipped with an additional windshield wiper with the possibility to link with the existing wiper system.