Specialist in sound insulation

Metagro is specialised in sound insulation. We know precisely what measures we have to take to reduce the noise machines and vehicles make. This is a specialisation that comes in very handy when building housings and cabins. More and more clients are calling us to deal with their particular sound insulation problems such as;

  • engine compartment insulation
  • splitter silencers
  • vibration dampers
  • operator cabin isolation
  • exhaust silencers

For new machines and vehicles, and your older fleet too
In the case of new housings or cabins, we can determine the requirements insulation must meet in advance and incorporate these requirements into our design. If, however, you have machines or vehicles that no longer meet the standards, or your requirements, we can carry out noise-reduction measures. We take measurements, analyse the source of the noise and design a solution. Our results show that we not only understand sound insulation, but that we are also highly creative from the technical point of view.

This is how we guarantee that your machine or vehicle meets the applicable standards and your own requirements!

If you would like to know more about this, or discuss a specific challenge
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