“Looking for that one right solution”

We develop a solution that is completely tailored to your situation. You can expect custom work from us, right down to the smallest detail. Thinking ‘small’ but still delivering great performance: that is what it is really about.


We study day-to-day use in detail, so we can develop the best solution for each situation. If that means going on location, we are happy to do so. Whether a factory visit to a local machine builder or an inspection on an offshore oil platform, we have experienced, well informed and certified personnel who are tuned in to end user requirements.

Safety and performance

The design must comply with the standards that apply to your product. However, we prefer to look even further ahead. Does the day-to-day use of your product perhaps require additional safety measures? If so, we will take our own measures, even if there is no applicable standard. Safety first!

Comfort and ergonomics

Comfort and ergonomics deserve equal attention. An adapted line of vision, a cleverly positioned joystick, a more comfortable step up or step down… These might be just details to others, but essentials to the user. Because we have mapped out the functionalities with you, we can develop the right solution.

One-Stop Shop

Metagro has its own engineering department, production location and coating facility, which ensures the complete fabrication of the cabins in one location. This reduces the price and delivery time, but not the quality. Because of the well-equipped production facility and the clear agreements with our customers and suppliers, Metagro guarantees a reliable delivery of your cabin, container or construction.

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