One point of contact for multiple disciplines

Metagro offers a so-called one-stop shop concept that is designed to match the entire production process efficiently and effectively.

The customer can choose from a wide (almost complete) range of services, from the production of a cabin series complete with accessories or the renovation and adaption of an old container or construction. All involved technical disciplines, including engineering, work preparation and assembly, are fully integrated by Metagro within the overall production process.

For the customer this means that the product is realized by one organization, but also that the entire production process is matched, making products more efficient and effective.

As a customer, you do not have to spend time or energy looking for additional companies to finish your cabin, housing or construction. In addition, this synergy can save both money and time. Costs of a total package are less than a summary of loose transactions per supplier.

Metagro mainly manufactures ready-to-use cabins, containers and housings on customer order. The processing of thin sheet steel is a specialty here.

After the steel construction, the cabin, housing or construction is pre-treated by means of sand blasting or pickling. Thereafter the product can be provided with a cathodic dip priming (KTL) and finished with powder coating or paint spraying.

When desired, the cabin or housing can then be fitted with glazing, operator seat, dashboard, air conditioning, over-pressure unit, lighting, sound system and other features. The assembly can be completely outsourced to Metagro or only limited to the pre-wiring of the cabin.

With this step, Metagro is thinking about the complete layout of your cabin. For example, developping an ergonomic seat or calculating the required cooling / heating capacity.

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