More than seventy years of experience

Cabins with wooden frames

Metagro has a long history, as a builder of cabins, in particular. Huibert Bouter and Pieter de Jong founded the company by starting their own carriage and car body works in nineteen thirty-seven.

Making cabins was one of their spearheads. In the nineteen forties, P. de Jong continued the company on his own. Until the nineteen fifties, lorries of almost all makes were, in fact, delivered without cabins. Torpedo front models were equipped with a ‘nose’ by the manufacturer and cab-over-engine models were delivered with only a grille with make and logo.

P. de Jong’s company fabricated cabins, including the driver’s chair and the driver’s mate’s bench, for these lorries. The frames were made of wood which was covered with 1-mm-thick steel plate. Later these were succeeded byhot-rolled T and L sections. The interior was finished off with wood panels to which fabric was glued; the roof was finished with fabric with whalebone stitched into it.


Specialised in cabins, housings and containers

Construction machines, bulldozers and shovels were also delivered without cabins from the nineteen fifties to the nineteen seventies. P. de Jong saw a gap in the market here and began producing cabins for bulldozers. Various importers became his clients.

At the end of the nineteen eighties, the company continued under the name of Metaalbouw Groot-Ammers, or Metagro, for short. Metagro specialised more and more in the construction of cabins for specific vehicles, boats and machinery. The construction of containers and housings became an increasingly important part of the company’s activities, enabling it to build up a wide and varied clientele.

A clientele that now benefits of more than seventy years of experience.