Design and engineering of customer-specific cabins

Metagro designs customised cabins, housings and containers in house, from the rough design right down to the shop drawing. Your requirements concerning functionality, technical specifications, ergonomics and design form the points of departure, along with the relevant safety and quality standards. Our engineers interpret the design in such a way as to produce a solution that can be made efficiently.

Efficient 3D drawing software
The connecting thread running through our design and engineering process is our 3D drawing software.

Thanks to the visualisation capabilities of this software;

  • it is easy to follow the progress of the design from the first sketches to the end result, and the measurements and placement of the various components are more accurate than ever. This allows us to make the use of the specified spaces as efficiently as possible.

  • we can determine in advance whether the cabin, housing or construction is strong enough for your application by simulating static and/or dynamic loads.

We will be happy to show you more of our design and engineering processes.
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