Why choose for a collaboration with Metagro?


"Quality is in our DNA” "

Metagro stands for quality, continuity and customer satisfaction. Within the production process, a quality management system has been integrated that is assessed annually by an independent party.



"Over 70 years of experience "

Since 1937, Metagro is active in building metal cabins, structures and bodywork. As a result, Metagro gained extensive experience when it comes to designing and producing a tailor made cabin.


"High reliability of supply"

The continuity of your production process is ensured by our reliability as a supplier. Metagro delivers more than 1000 cabins per year. Metagro guarantees a solid cab, container or metal construction.


"An ergonomic workplace"

Ergonomics is a standard for Metagro. The workplace for the end user is therefore designed to be optimally utilized, minimizing the risk of back or neck pain. In addition, each cabin can be equipped with all comforts such as air conditioning or heating on request.


"Proud of our engineering"

Metagro has a trained team of engineers ready for every challenge. Throughout the years, Metagro has already been responsible for a wide variety of assignments, which has led to knowledge about tackling almost any technical problem with the best-suited solution.

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