Seriesproducer of cabins

Even for a small or medium-sized series, we deliver custom solutions. How? We study day-to-day use in detail, so we can develop the best solution for each situation. We are experienced, knowledgeable and, above all, we are tuned in to end user requirements..

Small series

Do others tell you that one-off units and small series are too small for efficient production? By contrast, our processes are highly suited to this purpose. We develop and produce custom solutions, so we are used to thinking ‘small’ but still delivering great performance.

Medium-sized series

We have everything in place to develop and produce medium-sized series efficiently and properly: a team of experienced engineers, an efficient production process and the right combination of manual and automated work. This makes us extremely flexible. Last minute changes to the design? Process modifications during production? We are constantly evolving along with you.

One-Stop Shop

Metagro has its own engineering department, production location and coating facility, which ensures the complete fabrication of the cabins in one location. This reduces the price and delivery time, but not the quality. Because of the well-equipped production facility and the clear agreements with our customers and suppliers, Metagro guarantees a reliable delivery of your serie cabin, container or construction.

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